Welcome to the Brooklyn Swim Center at Erasmus Hall High School, and Russian Bath!


ERASMUS HALL HIGH SCHOOL, BROOKLYN - MONDAYS 6.40 pm - 7.25 pm, 7.25 pm - 8.10 pm

  1. Location: Erasmus Hall High School, entrance from 911 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11226
  2. Tel: 646-580-4540
  3. Day/Time:
      • Mondays
    1. Price: $20 registration fee (only first time). Group lessons - $180 per 10 lessons for children, $180 per 10 lessons for adults.
    2. Semiprivate lessons (two people in the group) $360 per 10 lessons for children.
    3. Private lessons (one person in the group)  $720 per 10 lessons for children, $720 per 10 lessons for adults.
    4. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



    Location: Russian Bath, 1200 Gravesend Neck Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11229

      1. Tel: 646-580-4540
      2. Day/Time:
          • By Appointment
        1. Price: $360 per 10 lessons for children, $720 per 10 lessons for adults

      Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


      What do you need to bring for the classes? Where to buy it?

      - Swimwear

      - Swimming goggles (Speedo Hydrospex Classic Goggles, please don't buy color goggles. Swimmers can not see anything in the water!)

      The best goggles EVER!  -

      - Swimming cap -

      - Flip flops -

      - Smile :)

      You can buy everything for swimming (exept smile, of course) at

      - Fins (Only if a coach asks you to buy them) -

      Is the water cold in the swimming pool? I don't want my child get sick.

      The normal temperature in the swimming pool is 80F. Almost all regular swimming pools has the temperature.  Every swimmer, even professional, has the discomfort when he or she gets to the water. Students feel cold only when they enter the water when they ACTIVELY swim during the practice, the discomfort disappears. If your child still experience cold in the water , the child can take warm shower to get warm.

      Dear parents, DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED by the water temperature! Please, do not take away child's opportunity learn to swim!


      If  a student misssed classess, can he or she make up classes? Or reimburse money?

      No make up classes. We do not reinburse money.

      Welcome to Brooklyn Swim Center! Swimming is one of the most important skills that everyone should learn. Not only is swimming enjoyable, it is also linked to incredible health benefits. It is a skill that can save your life at any time! At Brooklyn Swim, we are dedicated to helping you learn how to love the water and learn this essential skill. Our classes will effectively teach you to learn how to swim in Brooklyn NY through professional swimming teacher.

      Making You Safe for the Water!

      Our swimming school in Brooklyn can help you battle the fear of water by ensuring your safety in water. Water safety is one our main duties and we ensure that each of our students will be well prepared to be safe in water. Our students will learn various skills through private swimming lessons how to be safe. We offer kids and adult swimming lessons for non-swimmers of all ages. Whether you are searching for a swimming coach NY to learn swimming as an adult or are a parent who wants to a professional swimming teacher for your toddler, our swimming school in Brooklyn is the ideal place for you to find it.

      For thousands of families in Brooklyn and even in the country, swimming is an enjoyable and integral part of family life. Whether you go on a vacation on a beautiful tropical island, to a resort to relax in the summer months or simply to your private pool, swimming is the perfect way to enjoy health benefits as well as spend quality time with your family. Although swimming is very enjoyable and a lot of fun, it also should be taken quite seriously. Each year, thousands of people die by drowning. A look at the recent statistics will make the importance of swimming very clear.

      It has been known for decades now that drowning is the main cause for death in children under the age of 5. Residential pools cause deaths in 60% to 90% in children under the age of 4, most of which occur in their own homes. Kids under the age of 4 are also very susceptible to drown in spas and hot tubs. Statistics also suggest that the second leading reason for injury and death in children from 1 to 14 is drowning. These statistics clearly suggest that learning how to swim is a parental responsibility, a necessity and not exactly a luxury.

      Swimming Lessons Brooklyn NY for Kids and Adults

      Our learn how to swim school in Brooklyn caters to non-swimmers of all ages. While learning swimming as a kid is ideal, it is never too late to learn this important skill. Our swimming lessons Brooklyn NY are designed for adults as well as kids of all ages. We offer swimming lessons at seven different skill levels. You can find a beginner level swim class as well as an advanced swimming class at Brooklyn Swim. With our carefully designed curriculum and our concern for safety, learning swimming with us will be safe as well as a lot of fun!

      Customized Swimming Lessons Brooklyn NY

      The reason why Brooklyn Swim has been so successful is because of the safe and nurturing teaching environment we offer and because of the customized teaching methods that we use. Our swimming lessons Brooklyn NY curriculum has been built to include personal challenges as well as fun. Once the student is comfortable being in the water, we use customized techniques to help them feel confident. Our professional swimming teachers are encouraging and understanding, urging them to go a little ahead towards the next swimming level. Our kids and adult swimming lessons are taught in such a way that learners will have access to all the amenities needed. The environment is ideal for learning and is safe so learners can concentrate better on the swimming lessons.

      At our swimming school in Brooklyn, we ensure that each class size is small. This allows our swimming coach NY to keep track of the growth of every student, paying special attention to every student. We offer individual as well as group classes to ensure that the learners can learn in any type of environment that they are comfortable in. Our swimming teacher in Brooklyn handles each student based on the skill level and age to ensure effective and quick learning. With all of these factors combined as well as our dedication to maintaining high standards, you can expect the best results from Brooklyn Swim.

      Carefully Skilled Swimming Coaches and Teachers

      Water safety and effective learning begins with the right swimming coach NY. We understand that you will feel safe only with experienced and qualified instructor. At Brooklyn Swim we ensure that each swimming teacher we select is carefully screened. All of our swim coaches are well qualified and have years of experience teaching swimming to students of all age groups. Our swimming coach NY have good teaching skills as well as the ability to connect well and communicate with students. Feel free to visit us and watch one of our instructors in action as they make swimming fun and enjoyable for kids of all age groups. Our instructors are well knowledgeable about water safety and every other aspect related to swimming.

      At Brooklyn Swim we take our responsibilities very seriously. Our goal when we established our swimming school in Brooklyn was to spread the knowledge about water safety and introduce non-swimmers to the love of water. This simple concept and goal has helped us over the years to teach thousands of students how to be safe in the water and how to swim. Our dedicated swimming teacher Brooklyn NY ensures that our well designed curriculum is followed and is customized as per the needs of each of our students.

      Learn how to swim and introduce your kids to the many joys of spending a day in the swimming pool. We are eager to meet you and your kids and would love to provide you any other information you want about our swimming lessons. It is a skill that will provide you a lifetime of great memories, health benefits and a lot of fun.

      Brooklyn Swim Center is for pre-competitive swimmers ages 4 years and older. The program is designed to teach each child a solid foundation of swimming fundamentals in an instructional environment, giving the student the tools to enjoy a lifetime of success in the sport of swimming.

      The classes are 45 minutes in duration and are held on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays. The program is taught in seven distinct levels.

      All instructors are Red Cross Certified.