Brooklyn Swim had been established in October 2009 and since then we have taught thousands of learners how to swim. We offer beginner swimming classes for all age groups. Whether you are looking for the perfect instructor for your toddler or want to learn swimming as an adult, we offer a comprehensive range of classes to suit your current skill levels and your age group. Swimming and aquatic activities have been a part of the US lifestyle since generations. We are surrounded by swimming pools, have wonderful beaches in the country and enjoy our summer vacations at tropical island locations. Not knowing how to swim can hamper you in several ways but with Brooklyn Swim, we will ensure that you have all the skills you need to enjoy water in every way you can.

Swimming Lessons for Non-swimmers

At Brooklyn Swim we understand that different kids have different needs. Based on the age group and the current skill level, the type of swimming classes that your child may need would be different. For this reason we offer swimming classes according to your child's age and current skill level. We have a skill chart with seven different levels that we use to ascertain a learner's current level. We teach children of age 4 and above the basics in swimming. Our program has been designed to offer every child a firm foundation of fundamentals in swimming. We bring a fun, safe and enjoyable instructional environment that will provide all the tools to young swimmers to encourage them to enjoy a lifetime of swimming pleasures.

We Encourage Safety

Enjoying water is the way of life in the US today. It can be a beautiful experience to spend hours in the swimming pool but also a very dangerous environment for those who may venture beyond their current physical limits. Since our establishment, Brooklyn Swim has been helping non-swimmers of all age groups to be safe and confident near and in the water. Our team of caring, experienced and Red Cross certified swimming instructors have thought adults as well as children to swim. They provide knowledge and skills on water safety, a skill that will be useful to you for a lifetime.

At Brooklyn Swim, we focus on the safety of our learners. All of our swimming coaches are Red Cross Certified and have been carefully hand picked based on their experience. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your child would be safe in the pool. Our instructors would always be around to help them learn safety techniques so that they would be able to ensure their own safety even when they are alone near water.

A Reputed Learning Institute

Since our inception, Brooklyn Swim has come to be recognized as a reputed and well known learning institute. Our beginner swimming classes for all age groups have received a lot of success because of the comprehensive swimming lessons we provide, our high standards and the safety measure that we take at all times. We ensure that the curriculum is customized to each student, based on their individual requirements in order to provide effective learning. Our swimming instructors, customized teaching as well as creative curriculum and activities have allowed us to gain the reputation of being one of the best swimming institutes in the area.

Visit one of our venues to discover how we teach non-swimmers the skills they need to be a good swimmer. We believe that it is never too late to learn how to swim. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in the water. Our lessons are designed for kids as well as adults so that you can learn this important skill no matter what your age is.

Beginner Swimming Classes for All Ages

Brooklyn Swim caters to non swimmers of all age groups. We offer adult swimming classes as well as lessons for children above the age of 4. We customize our lessons according to the needs and the learning progress of the learner. Whether you are interested in building confidence and improving your learning skills or have never been in a swimming pool before, we will provide you swimming lessons tailored for your needs. Our ultimate goal is to help you swim comfortably and we have all the right resources to make it happen!

For children, our swimming coaches teach water safety and the basic swimming skills with the help of group and individual activities, games and tools and props of all kinds. Our powerful swimming curriculum is designed to ensure the success of our learners. Every lesson has been designed to provide you individual attention and dedicated lessons. With our experienced and skilled instructors, you can put your fears aside. These instructors will ease you in and make you feel comfortable in the water at your own pace.

Group As Well As Private Lessons

Brooklyn Swim offers three basic options for its beginner swimming classes for all age groups. Our twice a week group lessons are available during the evening hours and are of 45 minutes each. We also offer once a week group lessons in the noon with the time duration of 45 minutes each. For those who want individual attention, we have private lessons. The time and day can be fixed by appointment. We understand that each learner may have different needs and different requirements. For some kids, group learning may be the best since it will introduce them to other kids of the same age, encourage them to participate in group activities and games and will make the entire learning process fun and exciting.

On the other hand, several kids or adults may need individual attention for quicker learning or to make them feel safer in the water. With our individual lessons, we assign one swimming instructor to one student.

Visit Brooklyn Swim at one of our venues and get acquainted with our teaching methods. We are eager to introduce you to the exciting new world of aquatic lifestyle, health and water safety.