As a private center we have rules than all participants are required to follow:

NO RUNNING It is dangerous to run near the pool. A wet surface is slippery so it’s easy to fall and get a serious inquiry.

NO SCREAMING Screaming is disruptive.

LISTENING TO INSTRUCTORS It is extremely important for children to take directions.

DO NOT COME NEAR THE POOL Although parents are allowed to watch the lesson, they are not allowed to come close to the pool since they are distracting lessons. Please stay by the bleachers.

NO CHILDREN BY THE POOL BEFORE LESSON Although many of you come early in order to change and prepare for the lesson, children should stay by the bleachers with their parents until the beginning of the lesson. They should not be playing by the pool.

NO URINATING IN THE POOL We are swimming in a clean pool and want to continue to do so. Since many children are small and/or do not have experience with the pool, they might not know that urinating is not acceptable. Please explain.

YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES TO CHANGE The time that we are renting from Erasmus HS is limited, so we require that you change after lesson within 15 minutes. If you delay your departure, we will get charged. So, if you take more than 15 minutes to change, you will be charged.